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Gifts of Stock

Vanguard serves as the principal brokerage firm for Freire Foundation. The donor should work directly with his or her broker to initiate a transfer of stock to Freire Foundation. If the donor holds stock certificates, it is best if those certificates remain unendorsed and the donor completes a separate stock power form authorizing transfer of ownership from the donor to Freire Foundation.

Stock can be wire transferred to Freire Foundation's account with Vanguard using the following information:

Account Name: Freire Foundation
Account #:  29524260
DTC #:  0062 (Stock Securities) / 0072 (Mutual Funds)
Contact: William Ray, 267-583-4458,

Tax Deductible Giving

For a gift of appreciated securities, a donor is entitled to an income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the securities up to 30% of adjusted gross income, with any balance carried forward up to an additional five years. In order for the gift to be fully deductible, the donor must have held the asset for more than one year. The value of the gift is the average of the high and low market prices on the date the securities are transferred to Freire Foundation.

How to Start

Please contact Freire Foundation for stock transfer instructions and account information.

Freire Foundation
1617 JFK Blvd, Suite 1260
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Attn: William Ray, CPA, Controller

For proper crediting in our office, kindly notify Bill Ray in writing with the name of the security, number of shares, date of the gift, and if your gift is restricted to a specific campus or program. Gifts received without instructions will be designated to the annual fund for general program support.

To execute a securities gift, please click here to see a sample transfer request form.